March 24, 2019

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How To Do Preparation Of Maths For Competitive Exams

How To Do Preparation Of Maths For Competitive Exams

If someone wants to prepare for competitive exams at any level, the preparation has to be of high class if the aspirants wish to clear them. But while dealing with the subject Mathematics, students have to be cautious as the intensity of preparation has to be top notch which everyone believes.  The aspirants would have to create a strategy for themselves if they wish to appear for prestigious exams like CAT, GMAT, Bank PO’s to name a few. Whether direct or indirect, half the number of questions would come from the quantitative section which could be drawn from NCERT Books and so on.

These questions might be from algebra to arithmetic to data interpretation to geometry to data sufficiency. Such is the importance of the quantitative section that one could not imagine a competitive exam complete without it. Hence, It is an unquestionable fact that one could not avoid mathematics from a competitive exam irrespective of one approves it or not.

Below are some tips that would be helpful in scoring well in the quantitative section while helping to solve the problems efficiently.

 For quantitative questions (general)

  • Make notes for shortcuts from the day the exam preparation begins.
  • Discuss the shortcuts with fellow students once you have memorized them to attain perfection.
  • Try the calculations by working orally as it would be a nice time saver.
  • Try methods like hit and trial as and when it seems fine right before you start the work. By eliminating unwanted choices, some questions could be solved. Hence, work smart.
  • Understand the concept of Pythagorean Triplets.
  • Know the Indices and algebra formulae.
  • Memorize the ratios like the T ratio (related to Trigonometry) with the values.
  • Try remembering the formulae for 2-D and 3-D figures.
  • Give importance to the chapters with high weightage of marks.
  • The numerical tables up to 20 should be memorized.
  • The cubes up to 15 and squares up to 35 should be memorized.
  • Percentage related fractions should be memorized up to 1/12(viz. ¼ = 25% etc.)
  • Never try to put pressure on yourself on the lack of time issue and the last question has to be attempted in a way that around 25 per cent of the time scheduled is left with us.

For Data Interpretation questions

  • Have an overview of what the questions want to convey and how to answer them.
  • The rough works attempted should be kept aside in a manner that revisiting them would help to solve other questions.
  • Do the calculations mentally instead of doing them actually.
  • Take note of the data along with the measurement units.

From the above points, you would have realized as to how crucial Math is for your success in competitive exams and this tendency would continue to do so in future.

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