April 25, 2019

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Easiest Vocabulary Building Method by ROOT WORDS – (Part – 4)

Easiest Vocabulary Building Method by ROOT WORDS – (Part – 4)
  Root word Meanings Origin Examples and Definitions
  fac/t make, do Latin artifact – an object made by a person; factory – a place where things are made; malefact – a person who does wrong.
  fer bear, bring, carry Latin confer – to bring an honor to someone; ferry – a boat that carries passengers; transfer – to move to another place.
  fid faith Latin confide – place trust in someone, fidelity – faithfulness; fiduciary – a trustee;
  flect bend Latin deflect – to bend course because of hitting something; inflection – a bending in the voice’s tone or pitch; flexible – easily bending.
flower Latin florist – someone working with flowers; floral – flowerlike; flora – the plant life of a particular time or area
  for completely (used to intensify
the meaning of a word)
  forsaken or forfeited – completely lost; forgiven – completely given (a release of debt).
  fore in front of, previous, earlier   forebear – ancestor; forebode – to give an advance warning of something bad; forecast – a preview of events to be.
  form shape Latin conformity- correspondence in form, manner, or character; formation- something that is formed; reformatory- intended for reformation
  fract, frag break Latin fracture – a break; fragile – easy to break; fragment or fraction – a part or element of a larger whole;
  fug flee, run away, escape Latin fugitive – a person who is running away; refuge – a sheltered place to flee to; refugee – a person seeking protection
  funct perform, work Latin defunct – no longer working or alive; function – to work or perform a role normally; malfunction – to fail to work correctly.
  fus pour Latin confusion – being flooded with too much information that is hard to make sense of; fuse – to melt by heating; infuse – to put into.
  gastr/o stomach Greek gastric – pertaining to the stomach; gastronomy – serving the stomach by providing good food; gastritis – inflammation of the stomach.
birth, production,
formation, kind
Greek genealogy – the study of the history of a family; generation – all the people born at approximately the same time; genetic -relating to heredity encoded in the genes.
  geo earth, soil, global Greek geography – study of the earth’s surface; geology – study of the structure of the earth; geoponics – soil based agriculture.
  ger old age Greek geriatrics – medicine pertaining to the elderly; gerontocracy – the rule of the elders; gerontology – the science of aging.
  giga a billion Greek gigabyte – unit of computer storage space; gigahertz – unit of frequency (one billion Hz/sec); gigawatt unit of electric power (one billion watts).
  gon angle Latin
decagon – a polygon with 10 angles; diagonal – a slanting line running across a space; octagon – a geometrical figure with 8 angles.
  gram letter, written Greek diagram – a simple drawing; grammar – rules of how to write words in sentences; telegram – a message sent by telegraph.
  gran grain Latin granary- a storehouse or repository for grain especially after it is threshed or husked; granola- a mixture of rolled oats and other ingredients; granule- a little grain (as of sugar)
  graph/y writing, recording, written Greek Graphology – the study of handwritings; autograph – written with one’s own hand; seismograph – a machine noting strength and duration of earthquakes.
  grat pleasing Latin gratify – to please someone; grateful – feeling thankful; gratuity – a tip, token of appreciation.
  gyn/o/e woman, female Greek gynecology – the science of female reproductive health; gynephobia – fear of women; gynecoid – resembling a woman.
  gress, grad/e/i to step, to go Latin digression – a departure from the main issue, subject, etc.; progress – movement forward or onward; gradual – step by step.

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