April 25, 2019

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Computer Knowledge For CWE-Clerks-V- Main Examination

Computer Knowledge For CWE-Clerks-V- Main Examination
Computer Knowledge For CWE-Clerks-V- Main Examination
Q.1. You can zoom a worksheet ________.
(1) With the mouse pointer in Print Preview
(2) With the zoom button on the Print Preview toolbar
(3) With the Zoom command on the view menu
(4) Ctrl and then use the mouse wheel to zoom
(5) All of the above
Q.2. You can not link Excel worksheet data to a Word document
(1) With the right drag method
(2) With a hyperlink
(3) With the copy and paste special commands
(4) With the copy and paste buttons on the standard toolbar
(5) None of these
Q.3. Type of software is similar to an accountant’s worksheet.
(1) Word processing (2) Database (3) Spreadsheets
(4) Graphics (5) Presentation
Q.4. When the pointer is positioned on a _____ it is shaped like a hand.
(1 ) Grammar error (2) Formatting error (3) Screen tip
(4) Hyperlink (5) Spelling error
Q.5. An ______ is a special visual and audio effect applied in power point to text or content.
(1) Animation (2) Flash (3) Wipe (4) Dissolve (5) Picture
Q.6. Second generation computers are made of ______.
(1) Vacuum Tubes (2) Transistors (3) LSI (4) VLSI (5) LCD
Q.7. Which of the following memory is non-volatile?
(1) Hard disk drives (2) Floppy disks (3) Magnetic tape 
(4) ROM (5) All of the above
Q.8. Time during which a job is processed by the computer is called ______.
(1) Execution Time (2) Delay Time (3) Real Time
(4) Waiting Time (5) Process Time
Q.9. Which of the following statement is wrong?
(1) Photoshop is a graphical design tool by Adobe
(2) Linux is free and open source software
(3) Linux is owned and sold by Microsoft
(4) Windows XP is an operating system
(5) ROM is non-volatile memory
Q.10. HTML is an abbreviation for______.
(1) Hi Tech Meaningful Language
(2) Hyper Text Meaningful Language
(3) Hi Tech Markup Language
(4) Hypertext Markup Language
(5) High Text Markup Language
Q.1.(5) Q.2.(4) Q.3.(3) Q.4.(4) Q.5.(1) Q.6.(2) Q.7.(5) Q.8.(1) Q.9.(3) Q.10.(4)


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