March 22, 2019

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History quiz – 6

History quiz – 6

11. The river which is not west flowing towards the Arabian sea is –

(a) Narmada (b) Tapi
(c) Periyar (d) Kaveri

12. Tsunamis are cuased by –

(a) Mixing of cold and warm currents
(b) earthquakes
(c) changes in sea level
(d) valcanic eruption

13. Which layer of the earth’s atmosphere reflect back the radio waves to the earth’s surface?

(a) Ionasphere (b) Stratosphere
(c) mesophere (d) Exosphere

14. Which kind of power accounts for thelargest share of power generation in India?

(a) hydro-electricity (b) thermal
(c) nuclear (d) solar

15. The International Date Line is the-

(a) 180º Longitude
(b) 88½º East longitude
(c) Equator
(d) 0º Longitude

16. Which is the national flower of India?

(a) Rose (b) Lotus
(c) Lily (d) Sunflower

17. Coments revalve around the –

(a) Earth (b) Venus
(c) Sun (d) Jupiter

18. The “Dark continent” is___

(a) Africa (b) North America
(c) Australia (d) Asia

19. Which dam of India is the highest?
(a) Metter (b) Rihand
(c) Thein (d) Bhakra

20. The Countries separated by the macmahon line are

(a) Afganistan and Pakistan
(b) Bangladesh and India
(c) China and India
(d) Pakistan and India


Ans — 11-D,12-B,13-A,14-B,15-A,16-B,17-C,18-A,19-D,20-C

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